15 September 2017

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng

Unfortunately, the skies were hazy during all of our time at the Angkor temple complex, so we never really got a mindblowing sunrise or sunset. The top of Phnom Bakheng is a popular spot for sunsets, so visitors have to get here early for a spot. Though the colors aren't brash and bold, the muted pastels in the sky give a nice sense of serenity. 

It's Friday and you'll find more skies at Skywatch. Photo taken in December 2016.

14 September 2017

More decay

Mother Nature is closing in on Preah Khan temple. There are so many details at every turn. Photo taken in December 2016.

13 September 2017

Looking through

More decay at the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Such beauty in the decay. Photo taken in December 2016.

12 September 2017


A line of mini-Buddhas carved into the stone. Hard to image the hours of intricate work that must have gone into making every detail. The faces are so serene. Photo taken in December 2016.

11 September 2017


Another beautiful piece of decay from the Angkor temple complex. Photo taken in December 2016.

01 September 2017

Getting around

There is a 20+ kilometer circuit that takes visitors through the Angkor temple complex. Most people opt to hire a tuk tuk driver for the day to get around between the different temples. While their customers are out visiting, the drivers often hang the hammock and catch a few zzzs in the back of the tuk tuk. Photo taken in September 2016.

31 August 2017


The Angkor temple complex was the capital of the Khmer Empire which flourished from around the ninth to the fifteenth century. There are many temples of various age and in different states of decay. This figure guards one of the main gates into the old "city". 

Here's the road leading up to the gate. Here you can see the figures in situ. They flank the entrance on both sides. I can imagine this was a very impressive sight for visitors back in the old days (and even now!). Photos taken in December 2016.

30 August 2017


The complex of Angkor temples is a photographer's paradise. There are so many beautiful details to photograph and enjoy. This regal woman was found at Bayon. Photo taken in December 2016.

29 August 2017

Faces of Bayon

There are beautiful, serene faces carves into the stone columns of Bayon temple. They are facing the cardinal directions: North, West, South and East. 

Everywhere you turn, there they are. It's like having a benevolent spirit watching over you. Photos taken in December 2016.

28 August 2017

Stone mural

This bas-relief mural is part of the eastern galley found on the outer walls of the Bayon temple. It shows a battle of the Khmer peoples against the Cham with the Khmers coming out on top. More murals can be found here. Photo taken in December 2016. 

25 August 2017


Bayon is one of the major temples at the Angkor site. It's filled with beautiful nooks and crannies, some of which you've seen earlier this week. We'll take a closer look at this temple next week. Photo taken in December 2016.

24 August 2017

Sunshine on Buddha

He looks illuminated in his golden sash. There was something special about the light. Photo taken in December 2016.

23 August 2017

Welcoming sign

Different variations of asparas happily greet visitors at all the temples of the Angkor site. I found them to be a welcoming sign, and you'll find more at Signs, Signs. Photo taken in December 2016.

22 August 2017

A foot

Every piece of stone and worn statue is filled with such beauty. Photo taken in December 2016.

21 August 2017

First impressions of Angkor Wat

Sunrise over the reflecting pool at Angkor Wat. Unfortunately, it was very hazy so there wasn't really a lot of color in the sky (I put a lot of filter on this one). Get ready to see some Buddhas and other Buddhist figures. I think almost half of the 12,000+ photos I took on this trip came from the many temples of Angkor Wat! Photo taken in December 2016.
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