11 April 2013

The guardian

I don't know what the actual title of this work is, but I like the way she seems to be guarding this pathway at Taliesin West. 

Here's a closer look at the lady. Photo taken in February 2013.

10 April 2013

Desert views

A not uncommon sight in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Photo taken in February 2013.

09 April 2013

Red door

The door to the red theater at Taliesin West. I love that bright color! Photo taken in February 2013. For more red, visit Ruby Tuesday.

08 April 2013

Sunny spot

A wonderful spot in Scottsdale, Arizona to soak up a bit of sun and ambiance! Photo taken in February 2013.

Super shadows

I love the lines created by the pergola over one of the walkways at Taliesin West. Photo taken in February 2013. If you enjoy shadows, head over to Shadow Shot Sunday for more.

07 April 2013

Inside a kaleidoscope

I found this public work of art on the streets of Scottsdale. When you walk inside and look up you see all these wonderful reflections, it really is like being inside of a kaleidoscope! 

Here's a look at the piece from the outside, the actual name it is The Doors and Sound Passage. I loved the way there was so much public art in and around Scottsdale. For more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.
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