30 June 2011

Streets of Sicily

Taoromina is filled with beautiful, flower-filled corridors and extravagently decorated balconies. It was such fun just to walk around the city and peek into these alleyways. You never knew what you might find! Photo taken in May 2011.

29 June 2011


Had you taken a few steps to the edge of yesterday's plaza, you would have been rewarded with this stunning view. I really liked the small city of Taoromina and would love to go back sometime. We only got to explore a small part of Sicily due to time constraints with the cruise, but I think it's worth a more in-depth visit one of these days.

28 June 2011

Bonus elbow

I love the way those kind of pavement stones look on a square. This one comes to you from Taoromina, Sicily. I tried to get a shot without my shadow, but this was the best I could do! Photo taken in May 2011.

27 June 2011

Sicilian view

A view of the volcanic landscapes of Sicily. But don't let those blue skies fool you, it was a cold and windy day. But great for photos. Photo taken in May 2011.
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