31 May 2012


Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of swampland around the Finger Lakes in New York. It made for beautiful scenery on the golf course! Photo taken in May 2012. If you like reflections, you can see more at Weekend Reflections.

Turkey on the fairway

I spent the recent Victoria Day in the finger lakes of upstate New York. A wild turkey was the last thing I expected to see on the fairway. But there  he was! Photo taken in May 2012.

30 May 2012

A little bit of Canada

I couldn't believe there was a section dedicated to Canadian maple syrup inside a Berlin supermarket. And it was even on Angebote! I found it funny anyway. Photo taken in April 2012. If you'd like to see more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

27 May 2012


Another look at a work from the Oppenheimer Villa. This one is by Adolf Brutt who is apparently one of the founders of the Weimar school of sculpture. He was born in Northern Germany, but studied and lived for a good bit of his life in Berlin. I also found this piece very moving. It's called Gerettet or Saved. 

I think it's worth a close-up look at the fisher's face. It's a powerful work of art. Photo taken in April 2012.

26 May 2012

The archer

Another work from the Oppenheimer Villa. This one is called Bogenschuetze or Archer and it's by artist Hugo Lederer. Photo taken in April 2012.

25 May 2012

Summer days

Summer days are upon us! There's nothing like a good bath in the river to cool down as shown in Badende Jungen or Bathing Boys. I also found this one in the Oppenheimer Villa. It's painted by Berlin artist Philipp Franck. Photo taken in April 2012.

24 May 2012

To the pit

A look at one of the works inside the Oppenheimer Villa. This one really appealed to me, I love the textured brush strokes and the way the yellow lights seem to glow in contrast to all the grays.

Here's a better overview of the work. It's called Zur Grube or To the Pits and shows the miners on their way to another day's work. This work was painted by Berlin artist Hans Baluschek. Photo taken in April 2012.

Doorway to opulence

Here's the entrance to the Oppenheim Villa in Berlin. This is the museum where I caught Narcissus gazing at his reflection. They have a lot of works by local artists here and an exhibit of how the city of Berlin has progressed over the years. Photo taken in April 2012.

17 May 2012


I found this bronze in one of Berlin's smaller museums. It's Narcissus giving his reflection some love. I loved all the details in this sculpture, the photo doesn't really do it justice. The original work is by Ernst Waegener. Photo taken in April 2012.

16 May 2012

Ratskeller doorway

A look at the doorway to the Ratskeller of Köpenick. It's a cute little village near Berlin with lots of historic buildings and sights. Every town has a Rathaus (city hall) and a Ratskeller (traditional restaurant inside/near the city hall) and here is the one you'll find in Köpenick. I didn't try it out, but it looks like there's a potential customer reading the menu. Photo taken in April 2012.

15 May 2012

Black and white grave

In Germany, it's very important for families to take care of the grave. This one in the Saint Mathias cemetery in Berlin is very well cared for. I like it in black and white. Photo taken in April 2012. To see more cemeteries, visit Tapophile Tragics.

14 May 2012

Dewy blooms

More blossoms from my MiL's garden in Berlin. Photo taken in April 2012.

13 May 2012

Pink beauties

I don't remember the name of this flower, but it also comes from my MiL's garden in Berlin. Photo taken in April 2003.

12 May 2012

Dewy tulip

A dewy tulip from my mother-in-law's garden in Berlin. Photo taken in April 2012.

11 May 2012


A ceiling detail from the city museum in Saint Malo. I find it a bit mesmerizing! Photo taken in April 2003. To see more monochrome shots, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

10 May 2012

Inside the walls

A look into the walled city of Saint Malo. Photo taken in April 2003.

09 May 2012

Guard dogs

This restaurant is named after the old practice of letting guard dogs roam the walled city of Saint Malo once the sun went down. Apparently these dogs were pretty fierce and the fear of facing one in the dark streets was enough to keep people out of mischief. I'm not sure it's the best name for a hotel- restaurant, but it's historic! Photo taken in April 2003. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

08 May 2012


A look at the beaches around Saint Malo. This part of the coast has some of the highest tides in all of Europe and it's a nice place to come in the summer to enjoy the sun and sand. Photo taken in April 2003.

07 May 2012


I love the architecture of Saint Malo. It's a wonderful place to walk around and snap photos. Buildings like this make me wonder what their original use might have been: a place to lock people up, food storage, a safe house? It's a mystery for the ages! Photo taken in April 2003.

06 May 2012

Going postal

A postal worker riding through the streets of Rennes. This was not far from where I lived. Photo taken in April 2003.

05 May 2012

Swaminarayan Hindu Temple

Believe it or not, Jackson, Mississippi also has its own Hindu Temple. And after some research, I've learned this one was built by the Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism, the same one that built the temple in Toronto (which I showed recently on my daily photo blog). 

While this temple is a bit smaller than the one in Toronto, it's no less ornate and it was built on the same architectural principles - there are no steel reinforcements, it's all balanced through the laws of physics and engineering! Who would have thought there would be a Jackson - Toronto Hindu connection? Photo taken in October 2010.

04 May 2012

Station reflected

I love the design of the train station in Rennes. Need I say more? Photo taken in April 2003. To see more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.

03 May 2012

Street scene: take two

Another French street, this one is Rue Saint Georges in Rennes. When I was living there, this was my favorite street for a nice dinner out. There were lots of lovely little places. Photo taken in April 2003.

02 May 2012

Le Mackers

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but this sign made me think this sandwich shop in Saint Malo is trying to be some sort of ersatz McDonald's. I found it funny anyway! Photo taken in April 2003. To see more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

01 May 2012


I found this grave at the tiny cemetery on the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France. There is still a group of monks who inhabit the Abbey, so I imagine they are responsible for the decoration and upkeep of the graves. I found this one particularly attraction. Photo taken in April 2003.

To see more cemetery shots, take a look at Tapophile Tragics.
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