31 August 2017


The Angkor temple complex was the capital of the Khmer Empire which flourished from around the ninth to the fifteenth century. There are many temples of various age and in different states of decay. This figure guards one of the main gates into the old "city". 

Here's the road leading up to the gate. Here you can see the figures in situ. They flank the entrance on both sides. I can imagine this was a very impressive sight for visitors back in the old days (and even now!). Photos taken in December 2016.

30 August 2017


The complex of Angkor temples is a photographer's paradise. There are so many beautiful details to photograph and enjoy. This regal woman was found at Bayon. Photo taken in December 2016.

29 August 2017

Faces of Bayon

There are beautiful, serene faces carves into the stone columns of Bayon temple. They are facing the cardinal directions: North, West, South and East. 

Everywhere you turn, there they are. It's like having a benevolent spirit watching over you. Photos taken in December 2016.

28 August 2017

Stone mural

This bas-relief mural is part of the eastern galley found on the outer walls of the Bayon temple. It shows a battle of the Khmer peoples against the Cham with the Khmers coming out on top. More murals can be found here. Photo taken in December 2016. 

25 August 2017


Bayon is one of the major temples at the Angkor site. It's filled with beautiful nooks and crannies, some of which you've seen earlier this week. We'll take a closer look at this temple next week. Photo taken in December 2016.

24 August 2017

Sunshine on Buddha

He looks illuminated in his golden sash. There was something special about the light. Photo taken in December 2016.

23 August 2017

Welcoming sign

Different variations of asparas happily greet visitors at all the temples of the Angkor site. I found them to be a welcoming sign, and you'll find more at Signs, Signs. Photo taken in December 2016.

22 August 2017

A foot

Every piece of stone and worn statue is filled with such beauty. Photo taken in December 2016.

21 August 2017

First impressions of Angkor Wat

Sunrise over the reflecting pool at Angkor Wat. Unfortunately, it was very hazy so there wasn't really a lot of color in the sky (I put a lot of filter on this one). Get ready to see some Buddhas and other Buddhist figures. I think almost half of the 12,000+ photos I took on this trip came from the many temples of Angkor Wat! Photo taken in December 2016.

18 August 2017

Last look at Kompong Thom

This is a memorial to the people that stands in the middle of the town. 

This sculpture was also nearby, though I'm not sure of it's significance. I hope you've enjoyed this tour of Kompong Thom, next week it's on the Siem Reap and the famed temples of Angkor Wat. Photos taken in December 2016.

17 August 2017

Other delicacies

The market at Kompong Thom was filled with interesting food items. These fried spiders are a specialty of the region and considered a real delicacy.

Cambodians first began eating insects under the Khmer Rouge rule. Rice and other food was severely rationed, so many people suffered from starvation and malnourishment. For this reason, the Cambodian people looked elsewhere for sources of food; insects became a natural choice. They are abundant and the supply couldn't be cut off by the leaders.

Many Cambodians still enjoy these treats today. Though many tourists do like to partake, I didn't! Photos taken in December 2016.

16 August 2017

Life in rural Cambodia

The Tonle Sap river runs through the province of Kampong Thom. During the monsoon season, the river actually changes direction and creates a floodplain, hence houses in the area are built on stilts.

Farm animals will find any piece of grass to chew on. Oftentimes they wander into the streets and cause traffic jams.

Though most commerce in the countryside centers around agriculture, there are a few service businesses. Apparently lost keys is a universal problem! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs. Photos taken in December 2016.

15 August 2017

To market!

A stroll through the local market at Kompong Thom is a must. It is so interesting to see all of the local specialties (though I'm not sure I want to try them all!).

This woman had dried fish on offer, which are used to flavor almost every Cambodian dish. 

Certainly the display techniques take some getting used to! At least you know everything is fresh. Photos taken in December 2016.

14 August 2017

Buddhas, Buddhas and more Buddhas!

The town of Kompong Thom is well-known for it's Buddha sculptures. People come here from all over Cambodia to purchase their very own Buddha. Temples also make commissions for statuary.

A trip through the village is definitely worthwhile as you'll see Buddhas of all shapes and sizes and in different stages of completion.

If you're lucky, you might even get to see a sculptor at work! Photos taken in December 2016.

11 August 2017

Blue skies above

Everything looks better under a blue sky. This lovely building atop Phnom Santuk is no exception! It's Friday and you'll find more skies at Skywatch. Photo taken in December 2016.

10 August 2017

Sacred Buddhas

Phnom Santuk is considered a holy site of pilgrimage for Cambodian Buddhists. There are several images of Buddha carved directly into the mountain stone. This one shows Buddha in a meditative pose.

Here's a walking Buddha - though he is on a much smaller scale. You can see the most important reclining Buddha here (I didn't get a photo of my own).

And just for fun, here are some monkeys looking for food on one of the offering stands. Photos taken in December 2016.

09 August 2017


There were lots of decorative arches and entryways at the new temple area atop Phnom Santuk

They were all painted with bright colors.

And they certainly made me feel welcome! More signs can be found at Signs, Signs. Photos taken in December 2016.

08 August 2017

Monkeying around

This is the newer section of Phnom Santuk. This temple was beautifully painted and decorated, both on the inside and out (this is where I found yesterday's murals). 

I caught one of the resident monkeys having a bit of fun atop the temple's guardian statues. Photos taken in December 2916.

07 August 2017

Buddist murals

Buddhist temples almost always have some kind of murals showing the different phases of the life of the Buddha. This room was in the new temple atop Phnom Santuk in Kompong Thom, Cambodia. It's a very colorful room, and I especially like the way the sculpted tree is integrated into the works. More murals can be found at Monday Mural. Photo taken in December 2016.

04 August 2017

Reflecting pool

Buddha likes to reflect. More reflections can be found at Weekend Reflections. Photo taken in December 2016.

03 August 2017

Man with horse

I'm sure there is some significance to this scene as people had left offerings in front of the statues. Perhaps they are protectors of those who travel? Photo taken in December 2016.

02 August 2017

Friendly face

There were lots of friendly faces at Phnom Santuk. Some were bare like the guys who lined the walkway, while others were painted like this warrior. Photo taken in December 2016.

01 August 2017

Colorful details

There was so much to see atop Phnom Santuk. Temples in different styles, statues old and new, Buddhas without end... Photo taken in December 2016.
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