30 April 2012

Street scene

A typical street in Rennes, France. I love a great street scene, especially in black and white. Photo taken in April 2003.

29 April 2012

Looking out

When you've seen enough of the flowers inside the Crystal Bridge, you can take a seat here and look out onto the outside world. I imagine the view is a bit more green right now! Photo taken in December 2011.

28 April 2012

Water stage

One of the many nice things about the Crystal Bridge is this lovely amphitheater. In the summer, plays and concerts are often held here. And the best thing is, they're usually free! Photo taken in December 2011.

27 April 2012

White beauty

Another beautiful flower from the Crystal Bridge in Oklahoma City. I love orchids and they make great photographic subjects too! Photo taken in December 2011. To see more flowers, visit Floral Fridays.

26 April 2012

Street art

I'm not sure what it is or what it all means, but this public sculpture comes to you from the streets of Oklahoma City. Photo taken in December 2011.

25 April 2012

Come inside

I don't recall the name of this church, but I found it somewhere in Key West. Although it looks old-timey, I don't think it's really that old. The entrance is nice and welcoming though! Photo taken in May 2010.

24 April 2012

Street scene

One of the many tourist activities offered in Key West. I found this trolley-style bus to be pretty cute. Photo taken in May 2010.

23 April 2012

Open windows

Inside the chapel at Saint Paul's. I love the light streaming in from those open windows. Photo taken in May 2010.

22 April 2012

Saint Paul

A look inside the chapel at Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Key West. I've shown the outside of this church before, but I think this beautiful interior deserves a look too! I love all the stained glass and that beautiful wooden ceiling. It gives the whole place a warm, inviting feel, just what you want in a house of worship. Photo taken in May 2010.

21 April 2012

The temple

I must admit, I was surprised to find a Jewish synagogue in Key West. But I love the simple design along with those beautiful blooming trees. Happy Shabbat! Photo taken in May 2010.

20 April 2012

In the navy

An old abandoned navy building in Key West. It looks great against that blue sky, doesn't it? Photo taken in May 2010. Visit Skywatch for a look at more skies.

19 April 2012

Local delicacy

Tasting the local delicacies is a must-do on any trip. Since Key West is familiarly known  as the Conch Republic it makes sense that conch fritters are the food of choice on the island. Photo taken in May 2010.

18 April 2012

Route 1

If you're ever in Key West, you've got to get a shot of this sign. It's the very beginning of US Route Number One which will take you from the Keys all the way north to Folkston, Georgia. Photo taken in May 2010. Visit Signs, Signs for a look at more signs.

17 April 2012


A bright expansive main sail unfurled against a beautiful blue sky. Does it get any better? Photo taken in Key West, May 2010. To see more red, check out Ruby Tuesday.

Super green!

A line of beautiful green trees as seen in Key West, Florida. Photo taken in May 2010.

15 April 2012

The other side

I showed you a look at the Aare river a few days ago, and now here's a view from the other side. Hope you enjoy! Photo taken in March 2005.

14 April 2012

Floral clock

One of the highlights of Interlaken is the floral clock. There wasn't a lot in bloom when I visited, so I decided to show it to you in black and white. Photo taken in March 2005.

13 April 2012

The view

The view from Chemin-Dessus into the valley town of Martigny. It's definitely worth the effort to see the town from above. Photo taken in May 2005. To see more skies, visit Skywatch.

12 April 2012

Postcard view

This is the Aare river which flows through the town and connects the two lakes, hence the name Interlaken! And of course everything looks great against a mountain backdrop. Photo taken in March 2005.

11 April 2012

Framed view

A look into a courtyard in Interlaken. Too bad there was that safety tape up, but it still looks like a lovely little patch of green. And of course, I love the entry arch! Photo taken in March 2005.

10 April 2012

Street scene

I love red details on anything and those red shutters are a perfect contrast to the beige house. And almost any street looks good against the backdrop of a mountain! Photo taken in March 2005. To see more red, visit Ruby Tuesday.

09 April 2012

Wooden house

I love the architecture in Switzerland. Here is a traditional-style house in Interlaken. Wouldn't it be fun to live there? Photo taken in March 2005.

08 April 2012

Spring golfing

I am hoping to get a round in today, hopefully I won't be too jetlagged! I've played this course in Oklahoma City a number of times. Photo taken in July 2011.


Made it home tonight. It's possibly my last flight from Tegel airport in Berlin. I tried to get some shots to remember the place! Photo taken in April 2012.

06 April 2012

Ole man river

A gorgeous sunset over the Mississippi River. Photo taken in March 2008. To see more beautiful skies, take a look at Skywatch.

05 April 2012


Another quick look at my MiL's garden. These white rhododendrons were snapped in May 2011.

04 April 2012

The King

Who else would you expect to see in Memphis? Photo taken in March 2008.

03 April 2012

Streets of Memphis

A red brick building in Memphis decked out in her patriotic best! I mainly took this photo because of an inside joke. My husband's family originally comes from an area of Germany called Schwabia, he is therefore "a Schwab". Get it? Well, it's funny to me at least! Photo taken in March 2008. For more red, visit Ruby Tuesday.

02 April 2012

Memphis mural

I had to stop at this antique shop as soon as I saw the cute mural. They had some really nice items, including a pair of leather chairs that I still regret not buying. Photo taken in March 2008. To see more murals, stop by Mural Mondays.

01 April 2012

Blue beauties

Berlin is not as warm as I had hoped it would be. But at least it's sunny and I'm enjoying the time with friends and family. Here is another beautiful bloom from my MiL's garden. Photo taken in May 2011.
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