08 April 2016

En barque

One way to see Colmar is by small boat. Perhaps I'll try it next time. More reflections can be found at Weekend Reflections. Photo taken in March 2016.

07 April 2016

Beauty in black and white

Another beautiful building in Colmar. No timbers on this one, but lots of beautiful details! Photo taken in March 2016.

06 April 2016

Easter flair

The timbered buildings are beautiful on their own, but some of them were decorated with festive Easter eggs and colorful flower shapes to make them stand out even more. Photo taken in March 2016.

05 April 2016

Colorful Colmar

I just adore timbered buildings, especially when they're painting such lovely bright colors! Photo taken in March 2016.

04 April 2016

Relief mural

A sign of the old German influence in Colmar, Alsace. Take a look at Monday Mural for more murals. Photo taken in March 2016.
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