30 September 2012

Saint Laurentius

It's back to Berlin! This is the Saint Laurentius Church in Koepenick - a town on the outskirts of Berlin. I love the red brick against the blue sky and the spindly trees made for some interesting shadows. Saint Laurentius is a Protestant place of worship, named for Saint Lawrence of Rome. Photo taken in April 2012.

21 September 2012

The happy couple

At the end of wedding ceremony, the newly wedded couple did their best to make a quick getaway. A difficult task with all the well-wishers and photographers present! Photo taken in August 2012.

18 September 2012

Man on a white horse

Our reason for the trip to Chicago was for a wedding. Here's a look at the groom arriving at the wedding site on a white horse. Luckily the bride's parents were sufficiently impressed and the wedding was on. As you can see, there was lots of dancing and celebration. Photo taken in August 2012.

17 September 2012

Pastor's bench

The pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Chicago has living quarters just below the skychapel. He was kind enough to allow us to take a look at the view from his balcony. I find the idea of having a private balcony on top of a church spire rather funny. I also liked this bench, although it appears that one of the other visitors was looking through the pastor's bins! Photo taken in August 2012.

16 September 2012


The main images in the stained glass windows tell the story of Methodism. The other smaller images are apparently important symbols in Christianity. The guide explained that the peacock is an important symbol to the Eastern Orthodox church, but I don't remember the significance. Photo taken in August 2012.

15 September 2012

Inside the chapel

The Skychapel is pretty small, so it was hard to get an overall photo of the space. But here's a look at one of the supporting beams with the beautiful stained glass behind it. I'll show more details of the stained glass tomorrow. Photo taken in August 2012.

14 September 2012

The view

And here's a look at the view from the Sky Chapel. A fantastic view and hard to believe you're really in a chapel so high up! Our guide told us that the main use of the chapel is for small wedding ceremonies. I'd say the place could only hold 20 - 25 people comfortably, but it is a special place and perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. Photo taken in April 2012.

13 September 2012

Jesus over Chicago

One of the main features of the Sky Chapel is this woodwork carving of Jesus weeping over the city of Chicago. The whole work was carved from a single piece of wood. There is another work by the same artist in the ground floor chapel of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, but I think the Chicago work is more special. Photo taken in August 2012.

12 September 2012

Sky chapel

The most spectacular thing about the First United Methodist Church in Chicago is a tiny little chapel in the bell tower of the building. My husband and I just happened to walk by this building 15 minutes before the daily tour was scheduled, so it was just a lucky coincidence that we got to see this special place. This sign was on one of the upper floors before we actually made it to the summit of the building. I'll show you some shots of the special details up there tomorrow. Photo taken in August 2012. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

11 September 2012

Art Deco details

Before I take you further inside the First United Mehodist Church, I'll take you outside. Here's a look at some of the lovely art deco details that greet you at the entrance. Photo taken in August 2012.

10 September 2012

Angels we have heard on high

This beautiful stained glass window comes from the First United Methodist Church of Chicago. The church was actually the city's first skyscraper and was attended by one of Chicago's first families, the Walgreens. I'll be showing you more of this house of worship all week. Photo taken in Augusst 2012.

08 September 2012


You'll find this refreshing fountain in the same plaza as the Chicago Picasso. It looks like a great place to dip your toes. In fact, I'm sure I saw a few dippers while I was there. Photo taken in April 2012.

07 September 2012

Newer reflections

I believe this "side" entrance to the Art Institue must have been added in the not-so-distant past as I don't recall this part of the building from when I was a child. I love the modern look of it with all the steel and glass, and it makes for some great reflections. If you'd like to see more of them visit Weekend Reflections. Photo taken in August 2012.

06 September 2012


An up-close look at one of the flagpoles in the sculpture garden at the Chicago Institute of Art. Photo taken in April 2012.

Guarded doorway

A look at the front entrance to the Chicago Art Institute. My grandparents lived in Chicago and I spent many summers exploring the wonderful art here. If you're in Chicago, it's definitely worth a visit. Photo taken in August 2012.

03 September 2012

People watching

There are great spots in any big city for people watching. Here's another one in Chicago. There were plenty of people enjoying the nice weather at a sidewalk cafe when I was visiting. And I especially love those bright parasols! Photo taken in August 2012.

Happy non-Labor Day to all my North American friends! Hope you're out and enjoying it.

02 September 2012


Another look at the Gehry designed bridge at the Millenium Park in Chicago. I really love exploring this place with my camera. Photo taken in August 2012.

01 September 2012

Beany reflections

Anyone who's been to Chicago knows the "Bean". It's a great place for people-watching and reflections! I especially like it from this angle because I got the skyline in the shot too! Photo taken in August 2012. For more reflections, visit Weekend Reflections.
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