27 October 2010

RER doorway

This was the entrance to the RER station in the town of Bussy St. Georges. It's about 25 km east of Paris, not far from Euro Disney. I lived here for three years and frequented this station quite often! Photo taken in February 2007.

To see more doorways, please visit Versailles daily photo.


  1. I'm impressed! Is there anywhere you haven't lived or visited? Pretty amazing and I think it's very fortunate that you've been able to travel and experience life in so many places.

    Would you move back to France if you could?

  2. Jacob: That's a tough question. There were a lot of things I liked about life in France. But others not so much... like all the bureaucracy.

    We're going to be moving from Jackson next year. My husband was only sent her on a short-term expat contract.

  3. It's huge and modern entrance!
    Léia :)


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