24 November 2010

Disneyland castle

This is Cinderella's castle from the Disneyland Park in Annaheim, California. Photo taken in May 2006.


  1. Ludwig II of Bavaria would die with envy if he had the chance to see Cinderella's castle! :-)

  2. I've not been to this one but it appears to be fancier than the one at Disneyworld in Orlando. Fun places but I can only stand them about once every 15 years. (Hey, that means I may not have to go back again!)

    I like the way you've caught the light across the top of the castle.

  3. Hi again. I meant to tell you I saw a review of the Nikon D3100 at Popular Photography. Thought you might be interested...here's the link:


  4. Well known image for every Disney's films fans:)
    Wish I could see it one day!


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