25 December 2010

Frohe Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas from cold and snowy Berlin. This is the main train station downtown. Everything looks great with all the lights and decorations and the thick layer of snow. Photo taken in December 2010.

To see more monochrome shots, please visit the Weekend in Black and White.


  1. Great contrast, and so much detail. I like it.

    Have a good Christmas.

  2. lots of interesting texture...love this in black and white...brings attention to all the details nicely.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Interesting to see this - «Louis» was just looking through Antony Beevor's "Berlin - The Downfall, 1945" which shows some photos of the rubble of this station in the waning days of WWII.

  4. We send you greetings, Hal and hope you had a fine holiday with your family and friends!


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