13 May 2011

Where it all began

Ford developed the modern production line for automobiles. Thanks to him, cars became the most efficient means of transportation. I hope you've enjoyed this series of old-timers. Photo taken in February 2004.


  1. What many have forgotten is that Ford's River Rouge facility in Michigan carried his assembly concept to the ultimate. River Rouge made the steel, glass and virtually every other component, except for the tires which they bought from Firestone. At one end of this massive complex the iron ore came in and at the other, finished Fords rolled off the final assembly line. Even the tires had a Ford connection in that there was a marriage between one of the Fords and one of the Firestones (though «Louis» forgets the details...). Kingsford, of charcoal fame was also a relative, and used by-products of the River Rouge plant to make commercial charcoal.

  2. Great shot of wonderful old machine!


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