05 May 2012

Swaminarayan Hindu Temple

Believe it or not, Jackson, Mississippi also has its own Hindu Temple. And after some research, I've learned this one was built by the Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism, the same one that built the temple in Toronto (which I showed recently on my daily photo blog). 

While this temple is a bit smaller than the one in Toronto, it's no less ornate and it was built on the same architectural principles - there are no steel reinforcements, it's all balanced through the laws of physics and engineering! Who would have thought there would be a Jackson - Toronto Hindu connection? Photo taken in October 2010.


  1. wow so beautiful and different architecture!Wonderful capture dear Hal!
    hugs and a nice Sunday

  2. It is amazing to have such a temple in Jackson, I like it. We will most likely get a Hindu temple in our own city. I am curious to see if this is really going to happen.


  3. What a gorgeous architecture! The top part looks very delicate.

  4. Absolutely beautiful!


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