26 December 2012

Choo choo!

I'm not sure what a train has to do with Christmas, but I love the way European cities go all out with the decorations at this time of year. I found this bright train on the Ku'damm in Berlin. Photo taken in December 2012.


  1. This is superb, Halcyon. I don't know how or why they do it either, but I am glad that they do. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas markets over there.

  2. It's beautiful! I think of toy trains under a Christmas tree.

  3. I too think it is to depict toy trains, but oh my it is just stunning!!
    Thinking of you and hope your Christmas was truly blessed and may the new year bring all things happy and wonderful for you!

  4. This is gorgeous! Makes me think of "The Polar Express". Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful trip so far!

  5. This is so perfect in beautiful lights, people is so creative and talented to make this kind of art decoration! Wonderful! :)
    Happy Holidays dear Hal,

  6. That is a wonderful decoration. And a very night night shot! Your camera skills are excellent. Are you back home in Toronto now?

  7. Hello! Cool lights! Hope all your travels are going well for you and that you have a happy new year!


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