18 February 2014

Another Vickie

Unfortunately, I ran out of time (i.e. lost interest) in posting the rest of my shots from the Farewell Canada Tour. I promise to get back to it one of these days. In the meantime, here are some shots from my Australian Adventure. Since I ended with Vickie in Montreal, I thought I'd start with another likeness of her in Sydney. This statue stood in Dublin, Ireland until the late 1940s when it was put into storage. I guess they did some spring cleaning in the 1980s when it was gifted to the city of Sydney. 

Photo taken in October 2013.


  1. You take the grandest pictures-- I love following your travels!

  2. You composed so well this picture!Bravo!

  3. This is a good reminder not to throw some things away, 'cause you may need or want them again. Put them in storage so they're readily available.

    That advice does not apply to spouses or children. :)


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