21 May 2014

Signs of spring

It didn't feel like spring time when I was in Chicago last April. But I still liked this sign that I found in the Garfield Park Conservatory - someone took the time to arrange all the pennies in the fountain into this nice message. Photo taken in April 2013. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.


  1. Now, that is cool and it made me smile that someone would take the time.

  2. How pretty! I was in Chicago in December and it was very cold with a lot of snow on the ground. My grandson enjoyed playing in it though and I had a ball watching him!

    1. It snowed when I was there in April.

  3. Now, that was a neat idea and a real eye catcher. I love things like this that are filled with creativity.

  4. That's a funny sign with the play on words. Chicago is always a good trip. It is my old home town.

  5. How cute! Chicago had a hard winter. It may be July before they warm up! lol!


  6. That's pretty unusual. Nice thought!


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