30 August 2016

Dortmund pilgrimage

Dortmund is well-known for their football (soccer) team. Thousands of people make the pilgrimage here each year to visit the famed Signal Iduna Park.

It's pretty much impossible to get tickets to a game, but I at least got to take a stadium tour.

I'll show you more of the stadium and its "backstage" during the week! Photos taken in June 2016.


  1. I'm not a sports fan, but this looks so small by US standards.

  2. Must be a pretty good stadium to be so popular. I imagine they must have really competitive teams to lure the people in. Never been to a football game.

  3. It looks well designed as stadiums go.

  4. The way seating arrangement made looks great. Love to see the green grass all around:)

  5. So many of our soccer stadiums are multi-sport arenas.


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