06 December 2016

Saint Nicolas

In celebration of Saint Nicolas day, here's a look at the Saint Nicolas church in Lisbon. 

It's beautiful from the outside and from the inside. Photos taken in August 2016.


  1. Beautiful. I love the ceiling!

  2. How apt, since St. Nick is somehow thought of in many countries in December. Beautiful inside of the cathedral!
    Don't know if you know the Dutch version: the bishop of Myra in Spain, named Sinterklaas (Saint Nick) rides on his horse, the night before his birthday (Dec. 6) on the roofs of the horses. For the good kids, his helper Peet puts a present in the kid's shoe by the chimney. The naughty kids Peet puts in a burlap bag and takes them with them to Spain. Of course this feast is in addition to Christmas on Dec. 25
    A merry Christmas to you!

  3. Love the clean up crew. Happy New Year, Halcyon!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year to you, dear friend. :)


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