22 March 2017

On the beach

A stretch of beach along the road to Hoi An.

I couldn't resist watching the waters rush up on the shore for a bit. Photos taken in November 2016.


  1. Gorgeous again! But again all I can see in my mind are the landing vehicles bringing in Marines to fight the war. That was such an overwhelming event and we saw it in living color on our TV screens every night!

  2. Beautiful with the mountains and clouds in the background. Looking at the waves it seems like a windy day.

  3. What a beautiful image. The seas, mountains and the clouds all captured well in this photo.
    To answer your question about the garden beds, you can plant whatever you wish. We are going to figure out what veggies and herbs we want to plant and save a little area for some flowers. It will be interesting figuring out what works. It will be fun.

  4. What a great beach, I love this.


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