19 April 2017

Into the fairy creek

The fairy creek is another big attraction in Mui Ne. As it was the dry season, it was a scenic  walk upstream through the creek.

There are lots of mineral cliffs along the way. It's easy to imagine things look quite different here during the wet season when the water is much higher and flows faster.

There's always a slight current, even in the shallow waters. Photos taken in November 2016.


  1. Gorgeous! Did you take off your shoes before walking (wading) up the creek. I've been told I often get into positions where I find myself up the creek. And there's something about a paddle. Anyway, I love your photo! :)

    1. I did take off my shoes. The sand was fine and felt good on your feet. It was a magical place. Apparently, there's a small waterfall at the end, but we didn't make it that far due to time constraints.

  2. Those cliff walls are so interesting. It looks like a great place for a barefoot stroll.

  3. ...those cliffs are interesting.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to explore.

  5. The mineral cliffs are quite a sight to see!


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