07 December 2009

Loveland Pass

Color photo from the Loveland Pass taken outside Denver in August 2008.

Black and white version? Which do you prefer?


  1. This is a gorgeous shot... it's hard to capture the beauty and feel of vast landscapes.
    I like your new site, and love the header design. Nice job! Very happy that I discovered it through your JDP blog.

  2. PS -- If you ever decide to add the "Followers" button on this blog, I'll gladly hit the button!

  3. Oh, I'm going to enjoy this blog! I prefer the color in this case as it better differentiates the differences in terrain.

  4. I have great memories of this place from when I lived in Palisade, Colorado. It was at Loveland Pass that my young dog learned that running downhill is different from running on flat ground - you have to know how to stop!


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