14 July 2010


Bunches of beautiful sunflowers for sale at the Saturday market in Rennes! Photo taken in August 2005.

To see more flowers from around the world, check out Today's Flowers.


  1. And lots of good energies! Adorable shot! :)

  2. Sunflowers!!! I haven't seen any in decades. :( And they're so bright and cheerful.

  3. Sunflowers seem to make everyone smile!

  4. This beautiful colorful sunflower scene certainly made ME smile!

  5. I don't know why, but I thought of France before I read the text. Nice, nice, nice for a summer day!

    Yes, I photographed the Hawaiian shirt bathroom sign :) Will post someday. Funny you mentioned it. I did not do the hike in Napili. I'm heat-intolerant and would have croaked, but that is possibly my favorite beach of all time. I even saw a monk seal, although it dove before I could grab my camera.

  6. Our daughter was growing these in South Florida. They're magnificent.

    Re your comment on Stone Creek: Lots of people give their dogs ride in their golf carts. We've taken Haley a couple of times, but she's so big and with hip dysplasia has a hard time getting up on the seat.

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