17 April 2011

Disney golf bridge

A bridge across one of the water hazards on the Disney Golf Course in Orlando Florida. It was fun to play here. My husband and I were paired with two pilots who made the game even more enjoyable. Photo taken in February 2011. 

To see more bridges from around the world, visit the Sunday Bridges series.


  1. It looks like a lovely spot, a world of green.

  2. It's a lovely place, so green! I've never tried golf, maybe it's time to start:)
    have a nice week ahead!

  3. As you are now in TO, you'll know that the golf courses just opened.... golfing in Feb, with such lovely greens sounds sublime.

  4. I've spent very little time on golf courses, but I'd enjoy this pretty place with the bridge, for sure.

  5. I haven't been golfing in so long... every time I see one of your bridges on a course, I am reminded!

  6. Great pic! Seems a very nice place to go for a stroll!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  7. There are several nice Disney courses in Orlando and lots of other nice courses, too. But I've never played any of them. Of course I'm course-deprived!

    Boy, with two pilots, you must have flown around that course!

  8. So beautiful scenery and perfect sunny day there!
    Great picture!


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