26 September 2011

Another course

This is the clubhouse at the Batavia Country Club golf course, just outside Rochester. It's not really much of a country club, but the golf here was fantastic. And I loved the rustic look of the clubhouse and they way it was landscaped. Photo taken in September 2011.


  1. oh girl, I would like to learn how to play golf,looks peaceful and it's elegant as well! :)
    The rustic house is beautiful, great shot.
    *** Yesterday we were enjoying for the first time the Belgian Coast.Hmmm what I could say?It's different the Brazilian beaches, yes...but it's also nice! :)

  2. I love this rustic house too:)
    Maybe it is a good idea to take up golf!

  3. I'll take any clubhouse on any golf course anywhere! It beats working. Now, if only my knee heals up. But it's coming along fine

    You're funny today...what with broken Acuras and drive-through cameras! No, my Acura was getting an oil change. And the little used camera I bought at the place didn't work so I'm bringing it back this morning but not via the drive-thru!

    Have a great week!

  4. I enjoyed your photos. Haven't been to Rochester in 30 yrs. Brought back a lot of memories!..Janey

  5. Nice rustic looking place... would be great to live there!

  6. The scene can be imagined in color but the b/w is perfect. The log structure fits in with the grounds and landscaping nicely.



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