07 October 2011

Hydro reflections

A part of Brown's Race is still used today by Rochester Gas & Electric to generate electricity. From here the water drops down into the turbines and voila... you have electricity! Photo taken in September 2011. To see more reflections visit Weekend Reflections.


  1. It's superb - lovely reflection, and lovely red brick building:)

  2. You are in a very fine reflective mood today. I don't really understand turbines and voila - electricity, but if you say it works I believe it! :-)

  3. I enjoyed your posts on Brown's Race -- it seems like it would be a very interesting walk and a good way to learn the history of the area. Nice pictures too~

  4. @Jacob - okay, I have simplified things greatly. If you want a lesson on electrical engineering, I know someone who can hook you up. But I'm guessing you'd rather stay with the historical aspect of this location. :)


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