22 January 2012

Ye olde tavern

Here's a look at the Old Town Tavern where we stopped for lunch after the river cruise. It was a bit rustic, but I liked the simple feel of it. And the colorful murals were a nice touch.

We were served up a portion of rice and beans, salad and mystery meat. They wouldn't say what it was, just that it "tastes like chicken". My husband tried it and he believes it was croc. I just stayed with the stuff I knew! Photo taken in December 2011.


  1. The murals are so lovely, but as for food, well I probably would do the same - stay with something familiar:)

  2. It looks nice and clean. Your husband has more courage than I. Although lots of people eat alligator meat in these parts. Oh, and frog legs!

  3. Gorgeous murals! Croc isn't bad . . .

  4. I am an adventurous eater as long as it does not look like worms or insects. I would just imagine that I was eating chicken.


  5. It could have been iguana, although I don't know what that tastes like.

  6. And not to forget - I love those murals! Note the tapir. Rare in any art.


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