14 September 2012

The view

And here's a look at the view from the Sky Chapel. A fantastic view and hard to believe you're really in a chapel so high up! Our guide told us that the main use of the chapel is for small wedding ceremonies. I'd say the place could only hold 20 - 25 people comfortably, but it is a special place and perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. Photo taken in April 2012.


  1. Have thoroughly enjoyed the 3 posts on the Sky Chapel, it's amazing in its uniqueness Halcyon.

  2. The view is really breathtaking!
    Happy weekend to you:)

  3. Very cool. But I wouldn't get married up there. Too high. I don't want to be high when I get married. Uh, oh, I am already married. Happily married, too. And not high. ;-)


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