30 January 2013

Doors to sanctuary

These ornate doors lead you into the Berliner Dome. It's one of three magnificent "domes" in the city of Berlin. Unfortunately, I've never been inside as you have to pay an entrance fee. But I'll get there one of these days! Photo taken in December 2012.


  1. Absolutely stunning! What gorgeous architecture!

  2. Such a great harmony of black door and white wall.

  3. Spectacular!Wonderful columns and I love the details in the door.

  4. If the inside is as beautiful as the outside, it might be pretty close to heaven. I love how it almost looks black and white until the eye catches little splashes of color off to the side. Beautiful.

  5. Is this a domed church? Doomed church? Church for the doomed?

    Sorry. It's a gorgeous door. I would like to see a dome if you ever decide to cough up the cash and go! :-))

    And I'm not really sorry 'cause I'm having fun! :-))

  6. I'll bet it's amazing inside!


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