10 September 2013

Farewell Canada Tour: Impromptu concert

This pair of musicians took advantage of a street piano in Montreal to give an impromptu concert. They were quite talented and they drew quite a little crowd. It's nice to have opportunities like this to bring people together in big cities. Photo taken in July 2013.


  1. How fun!! I do love Montreal. Can't wait to see your adventures from Berlin, though!

  2. A "street" piano? Not quite sure what that means, but it sure looks and sounds fun.

  3. I adore this image!! being an amateur pianist myself and not having one anymore, this pic caught my breath!
    (In answer to a comment you made E, if your trip is in our early or high summer, than the further north you go the worse the heat and HUMIDITY) Anyhow you couldn't go wrong exploring the whole of the New South Wales East coast and if time permits Victoria and the Great Ocean Road. And of course you'll have to explore Sydney and, its outer surrounds and countryside.


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