19 February 2010

Skywatch Friday: Pearl Harbor

A partially cloudy sky provides a beautiful backdrop for Old Glory at the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii. This photo was taken in January 2010.

Happy Friday!! To see more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.


  1. Stunning. What great perspective!

  2. Very dramatic composition! Love it.

    Happy Friday and happy weekend, Halcyon!

  3. This photo says a lot...the flag is still waving even after the terrible conflagration and all these years!

    Beautiful and powerful photograph!

  4. Great angle! How nice to see your flag unfurled.

    Enjoy sky-watching and happy weekend.

  5. It's been so long since I've been in Hawaii. I just love it there. By the way, I travel on a Halcyon, Halcyon Days is the name of our 24' Bayliner that we use to cruise along the BC coast. - Margy

  6. I love your composition of this shot! What a great view looking up the skies!


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