06 February 2010

Weekend reflections: waterfall

In Maui, we took a waterfall hike. It was a lovely place for swimming, jumping into the pools and swinging from rope swings. If you ever happen to be in Maui, I would definitely recommend it - Hike Maui. Photo taken in January 2010.

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  1. Waterfalls are one of my favorites and this pictures is one of the reasons why. It's just a stunning photo. Well done my friend. Have a great weekend :)

  2. I love water shots, and this is beautiful. How wonderful to be able to jump in that water in January! Kathy

  3. Beautiful place and photo. I have been to Maui and I loved it there.

  4. Grrr... Voilà un truc que je ferais bien !

  5. Very nice image. I love the peace of it...and the warmth.

  6. Kathy: It was fun swimming in those waterfalls, but the water was far from warm! It certainly kept you awake though.

    awarewriter: The air was warm, the water was not. :)


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