07 December 2011

Pregnant oyster

The House of the Cultures of the World is affectionately known to Berliners as the Pregnant Oyster. The building was used as a convention center when East and West were divided. Now it's used for art exhibitions and performances. Normally there is a shallow reflecting pool around that sculpture, but it had already been drained for the winter when I was there. Photo taken in November 2011.


  1. hee hee....
    Good description!

    (In a similar vein, the '48-'50 Packards were called "Pregnant Elephants"...)

  2. The title of the post certainly caught my attention. It's an interesting building though.

  3. The building I find very attractive and I think "pregnant oyster" fits perfectly!

  4. Great juxtaposition! Fantastic composition.

  5. didn't know they call it the pregnant oyster... I like your picture better than mine, I found it difficult to get a good shot of this building.


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