14 April 2012

Floral clock

One of the highlights of Interlaken is the floral clock. There wasn't a lot in bloom when I visited, so I decided to show it to you in black and white. Photo taken in March 2005.


  1. I think that's the best time to use B&W then you don't feel like you're sacrificing any colour!Your Switzerland images are spectacular Halcyon.

  2. Okay. But now you have to go back and take this photo when things are in full bloom!

  3. It's lovely even not in full bloom! We have beautiful floral clock in Gliwice. It's such a fun to see it!
    By the way, I was late for Weekend Reflections this week - it was closed in the morning:(

  4. I am wondering how to know the time by this floral clock. Does the square part show the time?
    Anyway, this mono picture is gorgeous.


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