01 April 2012

Blue beauties

Berlin is not as warm as I had hoped it would be. But at least it's sunny and I'm enjoying the time with friends and family. Here is another beautiful bloom from my MiL's garden. Photo taken in May 2011.


  1. It is lovely indeed!
    So you are in Berlin, lucky girl? The last photo in my post is from the garden in Britz - it's a part of the fountain there! Superb place, one of many in this terrific city:)

  2. These are just plain lovely! And it's a great photo. You MiL has some fancy garden!

    Hope the weather warms up soon for you!

  3. Very pretty. Some type of aster?

  4. Yes! I am a poor gardener but I actually recognised it as a clematis, they were everywhere in Tasmania, well, except my garden. Hope you are having a simply wonderful time.

  5. Had you gone to a beach, I might have felt sorry for the lack of sunshine. I've always thought Clematis were wonderful flowers. Still do, in fact.

  6. Adorable flower!
    Today it's cold but we have beautiful sunshine! :)
    ahhhh I love Spring! :)

  7. blue and purple flowers stand out a lot. I love them.


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