17 September 2012

Pastor's bench

The pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Chicago has living quarters just below the skychapel. He was kind enough to allow us to take a look at the view from his balcony. I find the idea of having a private balcony on top of a church spire rather funny. I also liked this bench, although it appears that one of the other visitors was looking through the pastor's bins! Photo taken in August 2012.


  1. I wonder if he found anything interesting in the bins?!
    I would loved to have been watching the view from that bench.

  2. Bin there, done that! I think I'd recommend the church council allow me to buy a place elsewhere and make these living quarters into a homeless shelter.

  3. I can't believe he's looking in the bin! On the other side of the photo, I like having a piece of a gothic spire almost within reach.

  4. How did I grow up in Chicago and never know about this wonderful place??
    A bit late, but now I'm enjoying each of your wonderful posts about that wonderful city.
    Jerusalem I understand, but I wonder why Jesus was weeping over Chicago.


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