08 January 2013

Der knabe

There was something about this piece that really caught my eye. Maybe it was the light from the windows and the way he's placed. It's just unfortunate the photo is not very well focused, but flash was not allowed. 

Here's a close up of his face. I just love his expression, there is such an innocence in it. Photo taken in December 2012.


  1. I think the first photo is nice and atmospheric without flash. The close-up of his face is charming. I like his hair, and the soft background is nice.

  2. Hi Hal,
    Love the second closeup. He is smiling beautifully.

  3. The pictures are beautiful and it's perfect. I guess the important detail it's the eyes of the sculpture, very impressive.

  4. The close-up is a great composition!

  5. Hi, Halcyon. I haven't been to your travel site in a while. I can see why you like this statue and its site. If you hadn't told me it wasn't in focus, I would not have noticed! Looks good to me.


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