04 January 2013

Rah, rah, rah!

Hertha BSC is my husband's favorite football (soccer) team. So a stop at the fan shop was very necessary for some holiday gifts! Photo taken in December 2012.


  1. I don't know much about soccer but I can relate to being a sport fan because I love basketball. However my team isn't doing very well this season. :-(

  2. You've reminded me again of all the things that go on in different places in the world of which I have no clue!

    That's too bad. I remember some of the kids in my class (in south Florida) had never, at the age of 13-14, been out of Miramar or Fort Lauderdale! When they learned we had lived in Minnesota they asked if we still rode horses and if we had stop lights there!

  3. I like the colour of the uniform team!
    Léia :)


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