25 March 2013

Primitive mural

While on the tour of Talesin West, our guide explained that Frank Llyod Wright's architectural vision was for what was manmade to harmonize with its natural surroundings. Wright loved to used stones and boulders he found in the desert as part of his work such as this one with ancient Native American drawings on it. Photo taken in February 2012. For more murals, take a look at Monday Murals.


  1. wow this is very interesting,and the explanation about this art.Harmony and maybe something to protect the place.

  2. Wright may have been a little too much for most people in his day but he had some terrific ideas and the notion and working in harmony with nature was one of the best and one we ignore to our peril.

    Happy Monday to you! Hope your week goes splendiforously!

  3. Great to hear the story behind it. Nice capture.

  4. I knew about FLW's philosophy but did not know that he had boulders with petroglyphs worked into his designs! Fantastic, though I wonder if the Native Americans were consulted as to whether they felt it appropriate in case it was part of their sacred local culture.

  5. Wonderful petroglyphs! My favorite style is Arts & Crafts (or Craftsman) and I love the way it integrates with nature.

  6. I visited Taliesin West years ago but don't remember these petroglyphs. They certainly do have an ancient feel to them. Doubt anyone now would be allowed to move them from their original site. Different times. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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