05 November 2015

Coffee, Oriental style!

We had time for just one coffee in Istanbul before catching the second bus to the airport. It was Oriental style coffee with hints of cardamom and other spices. Quite tasty and a nice presentation too. Photo taken in October 2015.


  1. That is what I call unique, artistic and very very pretty.
    I hope the coffee tasted fantastic.

  2. Love that "cup." I think I'd be afraid to drink out of it, though - I might hurt it somehow! :)

  3. @Gunn - it tasted really good. Sort of like a chai tea with the spices but it was coffee.

    @Lowell - it's actually just a glass/mug inside the housing. You can even take it out, if you don't feel comfortable with the "fancy" holder, thingie.

  4. MMmmm. Sounds wonderful! I like cardamom!

  5. never know got such an oriental coffee..we are so into machine mixed coffee and instant 3 in 1 coffee nowadays.


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