12 November 2015

Night swimming

The Gordon Beach Pool in Tel Aviv is a popular spot at all hours. It's filled with salt water from the ocean and gives visitors and locals a convenient spot to get some exercise in. There are even water aerobics classes offered! Photo taken in October 2015.


  1. Hmm, a salt water pool. Wonder if there's enough salt to make it easier to float. :-)

  2. It's already too cold at night to be swimming out doors. It must have been warm there when you took this picture.

  3. @ Oakland DP - I actually didn't swim in the pool, but the ocean water was warm. It was +30c when I was in Israel.

    @ Sharon - It was quite warm in Israel. I don't think they get a real winter in Tel Aviv. Evenings were no less than 25c.

  4. A nice venue for sure but it looks like way too much work for me! :)


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