26 May 2017

Echo beach

A visit to the famed Echo Beach was a must! If you've never heard the song by Martha and the Muffins, it's time to change that.

While most people picture Bali filled with beautiful white sand beaches, quite a few of them are black. Despite what you might think, the sand was incredibly soft. I do hope to get back to Echo Beach someday. Photos taken in November 2016.


  1. ...Echo Beach is new to me, a spirited tune and beautiful scene, It reminds me of the black sand beach in Hawaii.

  2. A lovely spot.
    Glad to hear you liked Kampen :)

  3. Looks idyllic! I would love to spend some time there. I don't care what color the sand is so long as it's soft!

  4. Very pretty! I would have a hard time getting used to that black sand.

  5. Wow on the view! Interesting to know that the black sand is soft -- not as I would have expected.


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