24 May 2017

Land in the Sea

Tanah Lot is one of the most popular temples to visit in Bali. It is a small rock island that is only easily accessible during the low tide. Visitors flock here at sunset to receive a blessing with the holy waters of the site.

Of course, the beautiful views and sunset are also a big draw.

I always try to take pictures of the signs, so I don't forget where I was later! More signs can be found here. Photos taken in November 2016.


  1. Bet it isn't a fun place during a storm. But beautiful otherwise :)

  2. This is a gorgeous place. Not sure about "healing" water, though. You really ought to do a coffee table book of your travels ... so many fantastic photos!

  3. That really is an amazing place to see.

  4. How beautiful and mystical! Lovely shots!

  5. What a most beautiful place and wonderful view.

  6. You don't want to be in the low ground when the tide's coming in.


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