30 June 2017

Buddhist Stupa

It was a beautiful day when I ventured out to the site of the Killing Fields in Choeung Ek, just outside of Phnom Penh. I'll show you more of this memorial next week. Until then, more beautiful skies can be found at Skywatch. Photo taken in December 2016.


  1. ...I visited a Buddhist Stupa in Maui, but wasn't this large.

  2. Amazing what humans can build... art is a gift to all.

  3. This is quite beautiful. But the name Phnom Penh brings back some bad memories. I'm quite amazed at how Vietnam has recovered after the destruction we wreaked upon the country.

  4. Beautiful shot and structure. Do people go inside to meditate?

    1. It's a Memorial to the people who died under the Khmer Rouge. Some of the remains are actually inside this stupa. I'm not sure if people meditate there, but certainly they pray and leave offerings.

  5. Beautiful monument to a sad chapter of history (there are so many).

  6. A beautiful shot, with the building, blue skies, and green garden.


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