18 August 2017

Last look at Kompong Thom

This is a memorial to the people that stands in the middle of the town. 

This sculpture was also nearby, though I'm not sure of it's significance. I hope you've enjoyed this tour of Kompong Thom, next week it's on the Siem Reap and the famed temples of Angkor Wat. Photos taken in December 2016.


  1. ...that elephant looks huge.

  2. Both the memorial and the sculpture look huge!
    Looking forward to seeing your photos of the temples of Angkor Wat.

  3. The elephant and tigers remind me of a circus poster ad but I'm sure it's supposed to be more significant!!

  4. What an amazing trip you had, Hal! I'm enjoying looking back over your shoulder.

  5. Let's hope the elephant wins, although it's looking rather grim for the big fella.

  6. Really intriguing that last photo. Greetings.


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