20 May 2010

Casablanca beach

A beachy area in Casablanca. My husband and I did a transatlantic cruise for our honeymoon and this was one of the stops.

Photo taken in December 2007.


  1. Wow, the fabled Casablanca! It sounds like a great honeymoon trip. You saw a lot of beach towns. It could be worse! Did they play the movie "Casablanca" onboard?

  2. Tapirgal: It was an Italian cruise ship and English speakers were in the minority. So no Casablanca movie showing. :(

    Also, this was probably our least favorite stop of all. Casablanca is really not that great. If you've been to Tunisia or other North African countries, it's about the same. Dirty streets and agressive sales tactics. We didn't like it much.

  3. Such a romantic honeymoon!It's a place that I would love to visit someday, I love that classic movie as well! :)

  4. A beautiful beach, though! Sigh.


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