01 May 2010

NYC statue

Taken in the Columbus Square shopping center in June 2009. It appears one part of his anatomy is quite popular. (I admit, I touched it too!).


  1. This looks like a Botero - Adam and Eve perhaps. We have one in Monaco and people are always going up and being photographed touching his willy!

  2. Jilly:I believe you are correct. He did have a female counterpart who appeared to have been equally "caressed".

  3. Oh, my. You found a statue of a . . . carrot! I'm trying to remember what other statue I saw that had been rubbed bright like this. I think it was the brass pig's nose in the covered market in Florence many, many years ago. Touching that was for luck. I wonder what this brings :)

  4. uh...

    «Louis» WON'T touch this - in person or by further commenting!

    (He wrote as he went away chuckling...)

  5. Hahaha! If it were here, he'll end up wearing a sarong. ;)


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