08 January 2011

Kunsthaus Zurich

We stayed only one night in Zurich before flying home, but it was enough time to see the Picasso exhibit that was going on there. Very interesting and despite how it might seem in this photo, it was packed! Photo taken in January 2011. To see more monochrome shots, please visit the Weekend in B&W.


  1. An unusual view. Strangely appealing with all those lines.

  2. Dramatic composition! We went to the Picasso exhibit at the d'Orsay and that was packed, too.

    I don't understand what people see in a guy who drew like a 3-year old! (That's a joke!)

  3. Wow I'm really envious here! Lucky girl!

  4. Cool photo. I like the sparseness and monochrome.


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