20 January 2011

Rhaetische bahn

The red train that will get you around the Davos area. And a bonus sled! Photo taken in December 2010.


  1. So beautiful capture!
    I love this contrast with the red train and the white snow!
    I would be very anxious to get in there with all cold day outside! :)

  2. Great photo, Hal! Very well composed, and the colors are outstanding...I also like the yellow sky!

  3. We actually took this train up to a little village that has a sled run. They close down the mountain pass in the winter and make it available for sledders. That is our sled in the picture.

    It was a fun little run and you walk through this old village on the way back to the car park. A nice excursion all in all!

  4. Oh! Beautiful scenery!
    Love the contrast between the red train and the snow;o)
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a beautiful weekend****

  5. It looks festive and fun. My son would love being there - kids, snow, trains!


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