30 November 2011

Grand entrance

This is the "front door" to the Reichstag in Berlin. It's the government building where all the important stuff happens. You know all those meetings and whatnot. Just a few years ago, visitors could come here and queue up to climb to the top. On this trip I learned that you now have to make an appointment to make the climb. That will probably result in less people seeing the building, which is a shame. If you'd like a look at the dome, I have shown it previously here. Photo taken in November 2011.


  1. Too bad fewer people will climb the stairs. Security has become such an annoying limiter!

  2. Nice building.I would like to enter once.


  3. A very famous building in history! And a very fine photograph. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Some much history here!
    «Louis» appreciates this fine contribution to Monday Doorways!

  5. at first I wondered how on earth you managed a shot with no people cluttering the steps...now I know why


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