05 November 2011

Up close

Another floral delight, this time in black and white! Photo taken in June 2011.


  1. I'm sorry, Hal, but this should definitely be in color. I think. Perhaps. Possibly. :-)

  2. Whether in b&w or colours, both this and the previous shots are gorgeous!

  3. Excellent shot dear Hal, I think I need to try more pictures in b&w, day by day I like it more!
    hugs and a nice Sunday for you and family there,

  4. @Lowell - I liked the color version too. But I thought the b&w was somehow better in this case. :)

  5. Me again. In response to your comment about the Stone Creek moon: To get that shot I used a tripod, a 300mm lens, and a remote control. I set the shutter speed about 250 and the f/stop at f/11. Those numbers can be adjusted up or down depending on the amount of light available.

    It ain't hard, but it's a pain to get it all set up.


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